Getting started with Arduino

This is an “Arduino playground” I built for a friend who was new to electronics. I designed it for hands-on experimentation and included sample projects to spark his creativity.

The 74HC237 chip is a 3-to-8 decoder. It takes a binary value from 0-7 on pins 1-3 and puts 5V on the corresponding output at pins 7,9-15. For example, a binary input of 101 (decimal 5) would put 5V on output #5 (pin 10).

The 74HC4511 chip is a 7-segment decoder. Like the ‘237, it takes a binary value from 0-7 on pins 2,1,7 and lights up the appropriate segments to display that number on a 7-segment display.

To demonstrate the platform, I wrote several sample projects:

You can download the sample projects here.

The reference material on the Arduino site is helpful as well: